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In the beginning, I sincerely thank you for your interest at Faculty of Pharmacy at Sinai University Kantara. At Faculty of Pharmacy, we cherish, have pride in and adhere to our traditions and policies that always aim to offer professional and distinctive pharmaceutical education, as well as providing distinct environment for research and pharmaceutical services center at the international level that aims to offer pharmaceutical services to everyone who practices the profession of pharmacy and to all community.

The Faculty of Pharmacy – Sinai University-Kantara offers a well, balanced high quality program, which matches and line with the international Standards The distinguished staff members of the faculty are doing their best for their students in all aspects scientifically and socially.

The university offers excellent activity opportunities for the students and values their participation in local and international events.
We are wishing you a fruitful academic life within your faculty and a lot of fun among your colleagues and staff members. Pharmacy program at Sinai University is a competitive educational package that allows our graduates to stand out amid fierce employment competition in the job market.


Professor Hala El Mesallamy

Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy

Professor of Biochemistry

Department Staff

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The Faculty of Pharmacy educates pharmacy practitioners to meet the pharmaceutical care needs of the community. The Faculty is committed to improving human health through the development of new drugs, optimization of drug use, and improvement of pharmaceutical services. It is also committed to advancing pharmaceutical technology to strengthen Egypt economy.

To be a first-class academic institute, providing excellence and innovation in teaching, research and service to our immediate community.




– Pharmacy (PharmD) – (Starting 2019)

Our laboratories are equipped with essential tools that facilitate explanation and teaching in an organized environment. We have E-stations in all laboratories, projectors, lab-related devices and instrumentation that allow our students to have hands-on experience with the topic at hand. Our research labs contain 200+ instruments to help and give the ultimate pharmaceutical experience our students can receive.

The fully equipped labs of pharmacy provide a wide range of experiments and experience to our students. Beside affiliation with the major pharmaceutical companies to give our students the real life experience.


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