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On behalf of our students, faculty, staff, and more than 1,600 alumni, welcome to the Faculty of Engineering at Sinai University, Arish Campus.

I am especially excited about all of the momentum at our Faculty. Below are just a few reasons why this is a great time to be a part of the Faculty of Engineering at Sinai University family:

  • We offer 6 academic bachelor’s degree programs, and we’re constantly looking to expand our offerings to meet the needs of our students and the communities we serve.
  • Our programs offer a balance of practical skills, solid theory, and the use of computer technology, which will allow you to obtain new knowledge and skills when pursuing your career.
  • Our students have more opportunities than ever before to grow beyond the classroom. We also offer service learning, internships, and a wide range of student organizations on our campus.
  • We have amazing faculty members who are leaders in their field and innovators in the classroom.
  • We are expanding and updating our campus to refresh old spaces and balance recent growth in our enrollment with our commitment to small class sizes (average of 20 students per class).

While I enjoy sharing these new developments, I want to emphasize that none of this changes our mission to support and inspire our students.  Everything we do at the Faculty of Engineering at Sinai University is designed to help our students succeed academically, personally and professionally.

Thank you for visiting our website; If you haven’t been here before, I hope you also have the opportunity to visit our beautiful, 53-acre campus located in the west of the Arish City. You will be glad to you did!


Professor Dr. Mohamed Basiouny

Dean Faculty of Engineering

Sinai University




Electronic & Computer


Department Staff

It’s time for you to meet your mentors throughout your educational and career journey.

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The Faculty of Engineering at Sinai University is committed to graduating a qualified engineer capable of meeting the needs of the local and regional Work markets and carrying out various scientific research that contributes to serving and developing society and to supporting national development plans

Achieving excellence and leadership in engineering education which meets the community’s needs locally and regionally.

Civil Engineering

Architectural Engineering:
– Architectural and Interior Design
– Urban and City Planning ( Inactive )

Electrical and Computer Engineering:
– Electronics and Communication Engineering
– Computer and Control Engineering ( Inactive )
– Electrical Power and Machines Engineering
– Communication and Information Engineering ( Inactive )

Mechanical Engineering :
– Design and production Engineering ( Inactive )
– Mechanical Power Engineering
– Mechatronics Engineering

Bio Medical Engineering ( Inactive )

Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering with a concentration in:
• Architectural & Interior Design
• Urban and City Planning

Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a concentration in:
• Electronics & Communication Engineering
• Computer & Control Engineering
• Electrical Power & Machines Engineering
• Communication and Information Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in:
• Design & Production Engineering
• Mechanical power Engineering
• Mechatronics Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering

It contains a wide range of drawing halls and workshops within the entire faculty. Each major has specific labs to serve the practical side.


Our engineering faculty is built upon the latest technology and workshops to give our students the ultimate experience and practical training to get them ready for their career life when they graduate.





Why choose Engineering?

To be the leading educational faculty in engineering and its applications and the attractions in altering Sinai’s economic, social and political situation; pioneering in presenting the highest quality in teaching, learning and academic research that has a true influence in Sinai community service.

The faculty of engineering looks for its mission as a heaven reward to the land of Sinai and its inhabitants based on three main alliances: Teaching and Learning,

Academic Research, and Community Services Our excellent staff members are qualified to interact and participate with the students not only in the scientific system, but also in numerous activities in the university. The faculty of engineering has almost the most popular engineering branches supported by modern and sophisticated laboratories to prepare the graduates for effective and convenient conditions. All faculty members are staying fully in the campus during and after the working days to be available to the students at any time, day or night. The excellent healthy location and beautiful landscape in and all around the campus. Fully accurate inspection and control of all the student’s affairs. A lot of after lessons activities to strengthen the relation among the students of different faculties in Sinai University. The faculty of engineering adopts the open doors system such that the students can meet directly any of the responsible personals in the college.

Become a SU-ian now and let us lead you to a future of great success.

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