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Prof. Gehan Fekry's Speech

Acting President of Sinai University

Under the visionary guidance of Dr. Gehan;

Committed to the principles of the Egyptian Vision 2030, we are charting a path towards a brighter future for Sinai University, as we adopt the mission of advancing our institution to the furthest level of development through advanced teaching curriculums and practicing the university’s various activities of scientific research and community service. Sinai University aims to contribute significantly to comprehensive and sustainable economic development for the Sinai region, and the university remains committed to bridging the gap between academic pursuits and the evolving demands of the labor market. We see Sinai University as a center for skills development, preparing students not only for local job opportunities but also for regional and international markets. As the university has been a beacon of social and cultural progress in the Sinai region, we guarantee that Sinai University will remain an example of comprehensive and accessible higher education.
In line with the plan of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to implement Egypt’s Vision 2030, Sinai University pledges to expand social welfare programs and provide scholarships and basic services to students from diverse social backgrounds. This commitment extends to remote communities in the Sinai region, reflecting the university’s dedication to meeting the unique needs of all community members.
As we move Sinai University forward, we draw inspiration from our esteemed leaders’ collective vision, willpower, and capabilities. Here at Sinai University, ambitious dreams converge towards one goal: the bright future of the university, whether geographical or cultural, a future that shines remarkably in the field of higher education and beyond.

Who we are

The significance of establishing a university and research centers in the North of Sinai is not only due to the lack of such universities in this area, but also to the special importance of having a world-class education to support the economic development of the region

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Why SU

There are no limits to our ambitions. Our goal is to make SU an open invitation to peace and a center for academic excellence. Thus, leading a massive developmental movement in Sinai and effectively achieving our national projects goal,

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Board of trustees

The SU Board of Trustees seeks to reinforce the SU administration in multiple directions by serving as a bridge between the university and the outside world. On the other hand, we introduce the university to the world by striving to bring in different expertise and capacities from beyond the university.

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The University is looking to be a leading university among Egyptian, Regional & International Universities, offering outstanding educational and research services that satisfy the needs of local, national, regional and international communities and attract students from inside and outside Egypt.


Sinai University is committed to working on the development of the community by providing excellent educational services that produce highly qualified graduates, in their knowledge and skills, able to compete in the local, regional and international labor markets. The university contributes, through applied scientific research, in achieving sustainable development and providing the elements of overall quality on the land of Sinai and other governorates in Egypt through cooperation and effective partnership with corresponding institutions and civil society organizations.