Kantara Branch


Sinai University’s Kantara Branch Library is a comprehensive resource center dedicated to facilitating the academic and research needs of its students. With a collection of 10,000 books, the library serves as a vital support system for students pursuing various disciplines.

The wide range of books available at the Kantara Branch Library enables students to access diverse perspectives, enhance their knowledge, and delve deeper into their subjects of interest. Whether students are studying engineering, business, pharmacy, or any other field, the library ensures that relevant resources are readily accessible to support their academic endeavors.

Moreover, the Kantara Branch Library offers a quiet and conducive environment for studying, equipped with comfortable seating areas, study carrels, and computer workstations. Knowledgeable librarians are available to assist students in locating relevant materials, navigating databases, and providing guidance on research methodologies. Additionally, the library hosts workshops and training sessions to enhance students’ information literacy skills, ensuring they can effectively locate, evaluate, and utilize scholarly resources.

By offering a wide range of books and a supportive learning environment, the Kantara Branch Library at Sinai University plays a crucial role in enriching the educational experience of students. It serves as a hub for knowledge acquisition, research, and academic growth, contributing to the overall success and intellectual development of the university’s student body.



Procedure to borrow a book from Sinai University library: