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What is the Office of Student Development (OSD)?

It is the modern version of the Student Affairs Department, but with a general nature. It focuses on the academic and practical aspects, in addition to the recreational aspect and organizing activities in an entertaining and educational manner. It also cares about the student’s life starting from their entrance to the university, beginning with the reception of new students, where students participate in the OSD Committee, which is a group of students involved in organizing university events.



Secondly, the departments and branches of the administration are as follows:
Student Activities:

This department is responsible for implementing and executing university activities and supervising student associations. The work is divided as follows:

  • Sports activities: It includes all internal sports participation (football leagues, basketball, table tennis, etc.) and external sports competitions such as the Sports Union of Universities competitions (football, swimming, bodybuilding, table tennis, and other individual and team games).
  • Cultural activities: It involves scientific competitions, writing stories and novels, and more.
  • Artistic activities: The singing and religious chanting team.
  • Social activities and trips: Field visits to social institutions such as the 57357 Hospital and organizing various trips.
  • Scouts and public service activities.
  • In addition to organizing military training courses: a course during the mid-year break and another during the end of the academic year break.


Professional Training:

This department is responsible for developing the students’ academic aspect through practical training in companies, factories, and specialized institutions for each college, in order to enhance practical scientific skills that suit the job market.
It is also the department that supervises the scientific associations of the Dental Colleges (EADS), Pharmacy (EPSF), and Physical Therapy (EUPTS).
It organizes internal and external training trips and camps.