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Dear Students,

Welcome to Sinai University in Kantara branch. Founded in 2006, Sinai University, Arish branch is the first University at North Sinai Governate; with more than 6000 students. Nowadays, our Faculty is considered the first physical Therapy Faculty in Channel Province.

Today’s competitive and globalized world, having a professional and specialized education becomes an imperative for future success. We, at the Faculty of Physical Therapy in Kantara, are committed to providing academic excellence in the fields of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation.

At the Faculty of Physical Therapy, we provide personalized, top grade education delivered by an experienced and well-qualified faculty who bring an intellectual rigor and practical focus to their classrooms. We draw students from diverse and multi-cultural backgrounds, which provides a very vibrant and stimulating classroom environment.

The faculty’s commitment to elevating teaching and to integrating teaching and research to enhance learning, discovery, and problem-solving continues to strengthen. We have integrated active learning strategies into most of our foundational undergraduate courses to ensure the quality of our teaching.

Located in the beautiful virgin region of North Sinai, our students and faculty are actively engaged in academic, research, and community service projects that make an immediate impact on the quality of health care in our region.

With this message, I would like to conclude by wishing each one of our students and future students a very successful and fruitful experience together.

Best Wishes in Your Academic Career

Dr. Hala Mohamed Ezz Eldeen

Dean of Faculty of Physical Therapy

Department Staff

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Quality Assurance Unit




The program of Physical Therapy at Sinai University is looking to be one of the leading & unique programs among Egyptian, regional & international Physical Therapy programs, with an emphasis on Egyptian society values and traditions, offering outstanding educational & research services that satisfy a high degree of qualification & needs of the local, national & international markets and attract students from inside & outside Egypt.



The mission of Faculty of Physical Therapy at Sinai University is to equip the students with excellent knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for a recognized evidence- based practice through a highly qualified educational program, in order to
practice immediately and competently as physical therapists to meet the health care needs of the local, national and international markets and to participate in developing health policy and physical therapy practice as well as scientific


Department of Basic Sciences



Physical Therapy for Internal Medicine



Physical Therapy for Surgery and Woman Health




Physical Therapy for Orthopedics disorders and Orthopedic Surgery


Physical Therapy for Neurology and Neurosurgery


Physical Therapy for Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery

Physical Therapy

 Bachelor degree of Physical Therapy

The Faculty of Physical Therapy is fully equipped with only the best facilities and instruments for our students experience the real-life roles and protocols being a successful physical therapist. The department of Physical Therapy holds 60 students in 2 anatomy labs, 60 students in 2 physiology labs, 60 students in 2 biophysics labs, 60 students in 2 histology labs, 30 students in one electrotherapy lab, 90 students in 3 therapeutic labs, 60 students in 2 physical assessments labs, 30 students in one hydrotherapy lab, 30 students in one exercise training lab, and 8 students and patients in one out patient client lab.

The faculty of Physical Therapy is equipped with high tech labs and clinics that provide our students all the necessary education needed. Plus, three clinics act as a service to the citizens of Kantara to have a free medical checkup and treatment.

The unit was founded in 22/10/2019 upon the decision No. 1 of the faculty of Physical therapy council and the Assist. Prof. Dr. Nasr Awad was assigned to be the manager.



The quality assurance unit of the faculty of physical therapy Sinai University is working on acquiring both national and international accreditations to be compatible with the vision of the quality assurance unit of Sinai University. Also, the unit is seeking for the excellence in education, research, and community services with full participation in sustainable development of the society.



The quality assurance unit of the faculty of physical therapy acting on applying the quality standards which was approved by the national authority for the quality assurance and accreditation of education. Also, it emphasizes on the continuous development in the educational process, research field, and community services in order to achieve the faculty’s vision and goals.

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The Announcement of The Results

The Announcement of The Results The Faculty of Physical Therapy Sinai University is pleased to announce the results of the spring semester to all the faculty levels. The faculty exams were ended Tuesday 21/6/2022 and all our student celebrated the last exam in the semester. Prof. Dr. Hala Ezzeldeen, the dean of the faculty of...
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EMG Biofeedback Workshop Training

EMG Biofeedback Workshop Training Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Hala Ezzeldeen, the dean of the faculty of physical therapy, and Prof. Dr. Fatma Aboelmaged, the faculty vice dean; and under the supervision of Assist. Prof. Dr. Salaheldien Raslan the head of basic sciences department the faculty of physical therapy organized an EMG Biofeedback workshop...
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Physical Therapy Studies Sector Committee Visit

Physical Therapy Studies Sector Committee Visit Faculty of Physical Therapy Sinai University was honored with a visit from Physical Therapy Studies Sector Committee, formed by the supreme council of universities. The Visit was headed by Prof. Dr. Amira El Tohamy (The head of the Physical Therapy Studies Sector Committee) and Prof. Dr. Hala Kassem (Dean...
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