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Preparing a scientifically and professionally distinguished graduate and keeping pace with rapid technological developments is one of the main goals of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Sinai University.  This is achieved by elite faculty members using advanced educational methods so that Faculty graduates can compete in the labor market locally, regionally and globally. The Faculty of Pharmacy is also concerned with developing the student’s personality through various activities including sports, cultural, artistic and social activities that support the Faculty’s ultimate goal in forming a distinguished graduate.   The Faculty of Pharmacy is unique in that there is a close relationship between students, faculty and teaching assistants, where communication extends to solution of academic and personal problems throughout the day.  The Sinai University in general and the Faculty of Pharmacy in particular create a familiar and friendly environment for all counterparts.

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About the Faculty

Sinai University was established by Presidential Decree No. 363 of 2005 to be the first private educational university in the Sinai Peninsula. In the year 2006, a ministerial decision was issued regarding authorization to study at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing starting from the academic year 2005/2006, where the faculty offered a distinguished program that grants its graduates a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences granted by Egyptian universities subject to the Universities Regulation Law No. 49 of the year 1972. The first class graduated in 2011. In 2018, Presidential Decree No. 294 was issued amending the name of the faculty to the Faculty of Pharmacy. In 2019, the study program was updated in line with the recommendations of the Pharmaceutical Studies Sector Committee and in accordance with the unified guiding regulations, so that the duration of study was six years, including five years of faculty study, and the sixth year was a training year (internship) in the field of pharmacy. Prime Minister’s Decision No. 2145 was issued regarding amending the degree awarded by the faculty to the Bachelor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree to begin studies from the academic year 2019/2020.

Faculty Vision

The Faculty strives for excellence and leadership on the grounds of education, scientific research, and community service locally, regionally and globally within a framework of moral and social value

Faculty Mission

Faculty of Pharmacy – Sinai University Arish branch- is committed to prepare scientifically and skillfully qualified pharmacists committed to the professional ethics and competitive in the local and regional labor market. The Faculty also contributes to the achievement of the sustainable development through the applied scientific research and the effective participation in community service

Strategic Objectives

  1. Develop capabilities of teaching staff, teaching assistants and administrative members.
  2. Attract talented teaching staff from different Egyptian universities.
  3. Develop infrastructure of educational and technological bases inside the faculty.
  4. Achieve academic accreditation.
  5. Continuous updating of academic programs and courses to keep up with market needs.
  6. Develop student evaluation systems.
  7. Develop student supporting systems.
  8. Develop student’s abilities and skills in different extracurricular fields.
  9. Establish postgraduate programs at the faculty.
  10. Continuous development of scientific department’s research plans.
  11. Developing and supporting faculty scientific research infrastructure.
  12. Participate in funded research projects.
  13. Developing and supporting faculty activities and services with external community, especially the Sinai community.
  14. Participate in societal parties in various fields of community service and environmental development.

Organizational Structure

الهيكل التنظيمي للكلية

Patents and Awards

Designing an Electronic Medical Application

Pharmacist Ibrahim Muhammad Ibrahim and pharmacist Ahmed Shawqi Hassan, teaching assistants in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology, obtained a copyright certificate for designing an electronic application called (AI-Biotic) which an android application that gives a serial of questions and features that could be helpful for physicians in choosing antibiotics and calculating doses. This application would leverage a vast database of patient information, resistance patterns, and antibiotic guidelines to assist physicians in making informed antibiotic prescribing decisions. Upon entering patient details and suspected infection, the app. would suggest evidence-based antibiotic options tailored to the specific case. It would also factor in allergies, renal function, and other relevant patient factors to ensure safety. Additionally, the app would calculate appropriate antibiotic dosages based on weight, age, and severity of infection, reducing the risk of under dosing or overdosing.

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Student’s guide for Pharm D Program

Student’s guide for B. Pharmacy Program

Academic Advising Guide

Student’s guide to quality

Training Specifications  of Pharm D Program

Training Specifications  of B. Pharmacy Program


Opportunities and Work Fields

There are many job opportunities and different fields for pharmacists, such as establishing a private pharmacy (community pharmacy), working in a hospital pharmacy, in the field of clinical pharmacy, medical administrations, the fields of medical analysis, working in forensic medicine, clinical nutrition, and the field of pharmacovigilance, scientific research, university teaching, creating medical software applications, medical translation, medical representative, and working in pharmaceutical factories.


Unit Vision

The Quality Assurance Unit must have a distinguished nature in internal quality management, which qualifies the faculty for academic accreditation in light of the standards of the National Authority for Educational Quality Assurance and Accreditation, and in a way that works to place the faculty in the ranks of distinguished faculties at the national and regional levels.


Unit Mission

The faculty’s Quality Assurance Unit provides technical support to improve the quality of education by improving the efficiency of faculty members, the teaching assistant, demonstrators, and the administrative staff, maintaining a distinguished level of quality of facilities and services in light of standard reference standards, and reaching scientific research, academic activities, and community service to the qualified level for the academic accreditation of the faculty in light of high moral values.


Unit Objectives

  1. Enabling the faculty to achieve its mission and strategic goals.
  2. Ensuring the application of national standards for accreditation and quality assurance in education at the faculty level.
  3. Upholding the values of excellence and competitiveness in all disciplines affiliated with the faculty.
  4. Proposing policies and mechanisms that support the achievement of quality standards in the faculty and monitoring and evaluating their implementation.
  5. Exchanging experiences and ideas related to developing education, research, and community service activities with similar units in different universities and benefiting from them in the desired development.
  6. Proposing the creation of units that support the follow-up of the application of quality standards.
  7. Gaining the confidence of the local and regional community in the outcomes of the faculty’s educational process.
  8. Establishing systems, standards and models used to evaluate performance.
  9. Providing technical support to the faculty’s departments and departments to help them implement quality standards.
  10. Description and documentation of the performance of the faculty’s educational, research and service activities.
  11. Spreading the concept and culture of quality among faculty employees by preparing various seminars and workshops to achieve excellence in performance.
  12. Activating student participation in applying quality standards.
  13. Contribute to creating an integrated database for all components of the faculty.

Quality assurance unit bylaw

Unit Organizational Structure

The governing values ​​of the Faculty of Pharmacy

Intellectual property rights guide

  • About Students and Education

Teaching, learning and assessment strategy 2023-2024

Mechanisms for dealing with outstanding, struggling, and creative students

  • About Scientific Research

Regulations of the Scientific Research Ethics Committee

Scientific research ethics

Research plan for the Faculty of Pharmacy

  • About Faculty Members

Job description booklet

Criteria for selecting academic leaders

Criteria for selecting administrative leaders

Charter of Professional Ethics for the Faculty of Pharmacy

Charter of professional ethics for members of administrative staff

  • Emergency and Precautionary Plans

Building (A) Emergency Plan

Precautionary measures plan during the Corona pandemic

  • Annual Reports

Annual Achievements Report for Education and Student Affairs 2022-2023

Annual activities report for the faculty students 2022-2023

Annual achievements report for postgraduate studies and research affairs 2022-2023

Annual achievements report for community service and environmental development affairs 2022-2023

Egyptian Drug Authority – EDA

 Food and Drug Administration – FDA

European Medicines Agency – EMA

Egyptian Knowledge Bank – EKB

Our laboratories are equipped with essential tools that facilitate explanation and teaching in an organized environment. We have E-boards in all laboratories, projectors, lab-related devices and instrumentation that allow our students to have hands-on experience with the topic at hand. Our research labs contain up to 200+ instruments to help and give the ultimate pharmaceutical experience our students can receive.


Medicinal Plants Farm

The farm includes many different species of medicinal plants that students need in laboratories and also in scientific research, and a suitable environment is provided for the growth and care of these plants.

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The faculty of Pharmacy is fully equipped with labs that provide a range of experimental courses and experience to our students with the affiliation with the major pharmaceutical companies to give our students the real life experience.




Why choose Pharmacy?

The Faculty of Pharmacy educates pharmacy practitioners to meet the pharmaceutical care needs of the community. The Faculty is committed to improving human health through the development of new drugs, optimization of drug use, and improvement of pharmaceutical services. It is also committed to advancing pharmaceutical technology to strengthen Egypt economy.

To be a first-class academic institute, providing excellence and innovation in teaching, research and service to our immediate community.


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