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The Idea of Physical Therapy by Dr. Hafez Mohamed Shawky

Dr. Hafez Mohamed Shawky held a meeting with our students introducing them to healthcare quality and presented the idea of the physical therapy profession.As a token of appreciation, Dr. Gihan Fekry, Vice President of Sinai University’s Kantara Campus, presented Dr. Hafez with an award.

(Innovegypt) Course

(Innovegypt) course was held at the Faculty of Information Technology, Arish Branch, sponsored by the Center for Technological Innovation & Entrepreneurship (ITIDA) of the Ministry of Communications, as a grant for students of the Information Technology and Computer Science in universities and institutes who study in:

  •  Artificial Intelligence
  •  Faculties of Engineering
  •  Information Systems Faculties

They were selected from the mentioned colleges based on an online test conducted by the Center for Technological Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the level of the Republic. Dr. Hebat-Allah Rashed Muhammad explained & supervised the implementation of the course’s activities, in the presence of Mr. Ziyad Muhammad, Ambassador of Creativity for North Sinai Governorate. A number of activities have been implemented to help develop personal skills & stimulate creativity among students, the most important of which are:

  •  Brainstorming
  •  Team skills